Common Signs You Need Dryer Repair

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When you have a load of wet clothes straight from the washer and another load waiting to go in, the last thing you need is for your dryer to stop working. Then you have to worry about what to do with all those wet clothes before they start to mildew and wrinkle, figure out who to call for dryer repair in Addison, TX and just go ahead and say goodbye to staying on schedule for household chores for the rest of the day! To prevent this fiasco from becoming your reality, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your dryer’s operation ahead of time and look for signs that your dryer will need repairs soon. Check out these signs that might indicate your dryer needs to be looked at before it stops working altogether:

  • Burning smells: An early warning sign that you may soon be in need of dryer repair in Addison, TX is a burning smell coming from the dryer while it’s on. Not only does this indicate there’s an issue with your dryer’s operation, but it could be a serious safety hazard. Try emptying the lint basket to see if that helps it go away, but if you’re still smelling the burning smell, your dryer hose might be broken or clogged, which means that hot air is trapped and unable to escape. You’ll want to turn your dryer off immediately and contact a professional for dryer repair in Addison, TX. A professional appliance technician will be able to locate the cause of the burning smell and get it under control before it starts a fire or stops working.
  • Dryer stops spinning: If your dryer’s drum stops spinning, you may fear the worst and worry that you’ll need to completely replace your dryer. However, oftentimes the lack of spinning can be caused by a simple snapped belt. A professional appliance repair technician will be able to take a look at your dryer and see if a snapped belt is the problem and, if so, replace the belt. Before ridding yourself of your machine entirely, it’s good to have someone come take a look and replace any parts that may be cheaper than replacing the entire appliance.
  • Longer drying times: Many people are tempted to ignore increasingly longer drying times. However, if your clothes are taking longer and longer to dry, there may be a problem. Some maintenance problems will reduce the efficiency of the dryer rather than cause it to stop working all of a sudden. If you’re noticing longer drying times, you should call a dryer repair technician to take a look and assess your situation.

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