Why Won’t Your Washing Machine Spin?

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Finding out your washing machine won’t work properly can be a very frustrating discovery. There are a wide variety of issues that could be causing your washing machine to not spin. Some may require you to call for washing machine repair in Addison, TX, while others may be fixable just by doing a little looking around. Some of the checks you can make may require you to look at the back of your washing machine. If you can’t or are uncomfortable doing so, you’ll just want to give a professional a call:

  • Off balance: Your washing machine may not be spinning because it’s simply off balance. An unbalanced load of laundry can cause the spin cycle to not work or stop completely. If all the clothing settles on one side, it can throw off the motion of the washing machine. Your washing machine may also be on a surface that’s not level enough. In this case, you may be able to adjust it yourself.
  • Power: You’ll want to do a few checks when it comes to the washing machine’s power. First is to just make sure it’s firmly plugged in and that the breaker hasn’t tripped. Another recommendation is to never use an extension cord to operate your washer. Many don’t carry enough electricity to power the machine, and this is really just a dangerous practice anyway.
  • Drive belt: Here’s one of the biggest issues you might encounter. A broken drive belt, or one that’s come off the wheel in the machine, can stop the machine from spinning. It will still sound like it’s running, but it won’t spin. You’ll need to remove the back of the washer to check this. If it slid off, you may be able to put it back on. If it broke, you’ll need to order a new one. A company that specializes in washing machine repair in Addison, TX can help you get one made specifically for your brand and model, and can even come and install it for you.
  • Pump problem: If the washing machine’s drain pump is broken or not working, the machine also won’t spin. In this case, you’ll probably want to contact a company that employs a specialist in washing machine repair in Addison, TX. You can check the pump through the access panel. If the pump pulley won’t turn, you’ll need to replace the entire pump, which will require professional assistance.
  • Lid switch: The issue could also be as simple as the lid not being fully closed. This could be because the lid isn’t closing properly, or because the switch that keeps the machine from running while the lid is open is defective.

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