What to Know Before Using Your Oven’s Self-Cleaning Feature

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The self-cleaning feature has become a standard part of most new ovens. They’re not a replacement for a thorough cleaning by hand, but they can help maintain your oven, as long as you have a good idea of what you’re doing. However, self-cleaning ovens can run into some issues, and knowing this can save you a lot of hassle. Otherwise you may be calling a specialist in oven repair in Addison, TX because you used your self-cleaning option and your oven stopped working.

Know your oven

Normally, there are two main types of self-cleaning features: there’s traditional high temperature, and there’s steam. It’s very important to know which your oven uses before trying the self-cleaning feature. This is because each option has its own quirks.

No matter what, you’ll want to remove any heavy particles or food debris before engaging the self-cleaning feature. You’ll also want to remove your oven racks. High temperature self-cleaning burns at around 900 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven is likely programmed to run for two to four hours during the cleaning process, but sometimes it may be better to let it run for just an hour or so. Running the high temperature option can put a lot of strain on your oven, possibly leading to burnout and a call to a specialist for oven repair in Addison, TX. You’ll want to make sure you don’t block your oven’s vent during this time.

The steam option is a little less intensive, but also cleans a little less effectively. You may find it’s preferable to use that option a bit more often than the high-temperature option.

How much do you use your oven?

How often you use your oven will influence how often you should clean your self-cleaning oven. Just because you use the self-cleaning option doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also clean your oven yourself by hand. You need to do both to keep your oven running smoothly. Keeping it free of food buildup and grease is important. Letting stains or baked-on food splotches settle in place can make them harder to clean. They can also influence the smell of other cooked foods.

If you use your oven on a regular basis, you should also give it a wipe-down with hot, soapy water every once in a while. This can lessen the strain on the self-cleaning feature, meaning fewer calls to a specialist in oven repair in Addison, TX.

Avoiding danger

Traditional self-cleaning ovens create a large amount of carbon monoxide while burning away spilled food. This can be a problem for small pets, as well as for you and your family. When using a traditional self-cleaning oven, make sure to open windows and turn on vent fans. There’s also a chance that if there’s a lot of food debris to be heated away, the smoke detectors could go off. The number one thing is to be prepared for all of these possibilities when you clean.

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