Why Does My Ice Taste Bad?

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An ice cube should never affect the taste of your water. You should never be able to notice a difference in the flavor of water or other beverages that have ice versus beverages that don’t (except for melting of the ice cubes watering a beverage down). If you notice a strange, funky taste in a beverage with ice, you should investigate the source of the problem.

But what exactly is the source of the problem? Here’s some info from a company offering ice machine repair in Addison, TX:

  • Check the water: Before you check anything else, you can at least empty out your ice cube trays to get rid of any ice that’s been sitting in your freezer for a long time. After a certain amount of time, the ice can pick up the odor of other items in your freezer. This is the most likely cause of your ice tasting strange, but there’s a chance it could be an issue with the water you’ve been using to make your ice cubes. So, if you have a feeling your tap water has too many impurities in it, you could try making ice with filtered or bottled water and see if that resolves the issue. Test it out in a beverage, and if you still notice a strange taste, then the water isn’t the problem.
  • Check the tray: There’s a possibility your tray itself is dirty or is spoiling the flavor of your ice. Ice cube trays come in a variety of types and materials, but all of them will spoil ice if they’re not cleaned properly after each use. Empty out all your trays and make sure you clean them thoroughly before making more ice and testing it out again. If you’re still experiencing a strange taste after all that, then you know it’s neither the ice nor the tray that’s the issue.
  • Check the freezer: There are smells in your freezer that may be able to seep into the foods or ice you store there. Because the freezer is so cold, it’s easy to forget to clean it, or to put off cleaning it, but this is a mistake—you should not neglect your freezer. Every now and then, turn off your freezer and place all the items you’ll be keeping on ice while you clean out the freezer. Scrub down the insides with hot water, and add baking soda to the water if the freezer is in desperate need of a cleaning. Pay special attention to drawers or compartments. You can then put the contents back in and turn the freezer on. If the problem wasn’t with the water or the tray, this should hopefully resolve the issues you’ve been having with weird-tasting ice.

For more information about ice machine repair in Addison, TX and the steps you can take to resolve bad tastes in your ice, we encourage you to reach out to the experienced team at Appliance Champion today. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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