Tips to Maintain Your Microwave

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The microwave is an appliance that is often taken for granted. The ability to defrost or heat up food in mere minutes has changed the world, and often, our eating routines.

If your microwave were to break down one day, you might find yourself at a loss while you wait for microwave repair in Addison, TX. This is why it’s so important to maintain your microwave regularly. With the right maintenance, your microwave could last you well over a decade.

Clean it

Microwaves tend to get really nasty if you don’t clean them regularly. Spills, spatters and downright messes might be coating the inside of your microwave right now. But did you know that a dirty microwave can cause problems with the hardware? Pieces of food still absorb energy like the food you’re trying to heat. This can lead to burning and potentially even damage to the microwave.

Simply wipe the inside of your microwave down with a warm, soapy washcloth or sponge. Additionally, consider purchasing a microwave cover to cover your dishes while they heat to prevent spillage.

Keep the space clean

Don’t clutter the space around your microwave. You want the area around the appliance to be clear so air can flow freely. Cluttering the area can cause your microwave to overheat.

Microwave safe items

Some items simply aren’t meant to handle the amount of energy that microwaves produce and can lead to fires. Never put aluminum foil or metal, paper or very thin plastic in the microwave.

You should always look for the “microwave safe” icon on your dishware to ensure that it will hold up in a microwave.

Don’t run it with nothing in it

Turning the microwave on without anything inside will circulate energy throughout the interior of the unit. However, because it has nowhere to go, the energy will be absorbed back into the microwave, potentially causing damage to the components that make the microwave work.

Adhere to weight restrictions

Most food items you put in your microwave are small and light, but once in a while, you might find you have the need to microwave something larger and heavier. Make sure these larger items fall within the weight restrictions for your microwave. While one or two uses over the limit might be okay, repeated use like this can cause turntable motor failure.

Avoid door damage

It’s easy to accidentally slam a microwave door shut, but all users of the appliance should make sure to open and close the door carefully. This helps maintain the microwave door latch, which can be stressed and even broken over time. If the door latch doesn’t close properly, your microwave won’t start. Slamming the door too often might even cause a blown fuse.

Get proper repairs

If something appears to be going wrong with your microwave, your best bet is not to tinker with it and try to fix it yourself. You might break it, at best, or injure yourself, at worst. Instead, call a professional for microwave repair in Addison, TX. An expert can examine your appliance, identify the problem and fix it with ease.

When you’re in need of appliance repair, call Appliance Champion Dallas. Our factory-trained technicians can work on almost any appliance from any brand. Call us today for microwave repair in Addison, TX and receive a one-year warranty on all parts and labor.

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