Common Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making with Your Dryer

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These days, not many homeowners have the time or space to air-dry their clothes after doing the laundry. Instead, dryers are a staple appliance in most homes. Powerful but expensive, these appliances see a lot of use over their lifetimes.

While using the dryer may seem as simple as putting clothes inside and pushing a button, there’s a bit more to it than that if you want to ensure you don’t need dryer repair in Addison, TX.

Here are some of the most common mistakes you might be making with your dryer that could lead to a breakdown.

Not reading the manual

With so many settings, buttons and cycles on today’s high-tech dryers, there are even more opportunities to screw up your laundry and your home should you select the wrong one. If you just got a new dryer, make sure to read the manual so you know which settings will help your dryer run the most efficiently and last the longest.

Not emptying lint

Almost everyone knows that you need to remove lint from the dryer’s lint trap, but so many people forget or skip this step and pay for it later. Remove lint from the lint trap before every use. Additionally, take time to vacuum out the lint trap to remove all remaining particles around once a month, or more often if your dryer is used more frequently. An unclean lint trap can make your appliance run less efficiently and also potentially cause fires.

On a related note, make a point to check and clean the dryer vent pipe twice a year. This pipe pumps air out, but can unfortunately bring lint with it that can cause buildups. Too much lint in addition to constant heat from the dryer can lead to fires.

Overfilling it

Don’t fill your dryer more than halfway. If the dryer is too full, clothes won’t be able to move around and dry fully, and you’ll need to run it more often to remove the dampness from the load. Overworking the dryer can wear down belts and bearings and reduce its lifespan.

Forgetting things in your pockets

Before every load of laundry, make sure to empty your pockets completely. Take out everything, from coins to paper clips to receipts and pens. If you forget, these items can come loose in the dryer and either burst, ruining your clothes, or potentially get lodged inside the dryer barrel. Small items, in particular, have the potential to cause an expensive disaster for your dryer.

Leaving clutter around the dryer

This mistake isn’t related to operating your dryer, but rather cleaning the area around the dryer. Your dryer pulls air from around it to keep it cool and run properly. If you have lots of boxes, piles of clothes and other clutter around the base of the dryer, you might be preventing it from running as efficiently and risking the appliance overheating.

Avoiding dryer repair in Addison, TX

If your dryer starts to operate inefficiently, you notice strange smells or start hearing whining or clanging coming from the appliance, don’t keep using your machine. Chances are, it’s broken or on its way to breaking and will require repairs. Call a professional instead of tinkering with the machine yourself to avoid making matters worse.

If you’re in need of fast and reliable dryer repair in Addison, TX, call Appliance Champion Dallas. Our team of factory-trained technicians can repair almost any appliance with ease, and we work on all brands for your convenience. Call today!

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