Top Tips for Better Washing Machine Maintenance in Addison, TX

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Purchasing large household appliances is a major investment. Take care of your appliances and they will last a long time. Home washing machines, for example, do need attention periodically. Below are some tips for better washing machine maintenance in Addison, TX.

Inspect hoses

While washing machine hoses don’t need daily checks, it behooves homeowners to inspect them about once a month. It’s simple—either look behind the machine or carefully pull the unit forward so you can see the hoses to check for wear. Hoses should never have bulges or cracks, and the fittings must be tight. If you need to replace a hose, take the old one to your local home improvement store and make sure you buy the same one.

Avoid oversize loads

Do not overload your washing machine. Although you would think this tip is an obvious one, not everyone realizes that it’s not good to stuff the washer full of dirty laundry. When you cram a huge basket of laundry into the washing machine, you run the risk of damaging the unit. Split up your laundry into smaller loads and things will go more smoothly. For people with high efficiency washers, the machine will adjust to the size of the load, ensuring less waste of energy and water.

Know your detergents

Not only is it important to use the right detergent, but you also need to use the right amount per load. What kind of laundry detergent you should get depends on the model of washing machine you own. If your washer is a standard machine, then regular laundry detergent is what you should use. However, many new machines today are energy-efficient washers and require a quality high-efficiency detergent.

Another thing to watch is the amount of detergent you use. Too much will leave residue on clothes and inside the machine, which is hard on washing machines. If you’re using liquid instead of pods, be sure to measure according to the directions on the detergent container.

Wipe down and clean the interior

This may come as a surprise to some people, but you need to wash your washing machine from time to time—ideally, every one to two months. Cleaning the interior and the dispensers will help keep the unit smelling fresh and clean, preventing mildew and bad odors on laundry. There are a few effective ways to clean your washer, but here’s the easiest: once a month, run an empty cycle consisting of hot water and two cups white vinegar. Halfway through the cycle, add a half cup of detergent. Let the cycle finish.

Also, wipe down the drums, gasket and door. Use equal parts white vinegar and water to clean the gasket. Do this every month to prevent unpleasant odors from invading the washer and your laundry.

You should also leave the washer door open after every load. This lets the inside of the machine air out and prevents unwanted musty odors.

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