Are OEM Parts Better Than Aftermarket Parts?

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So, you need appliance repair in Addison, TX, and you’re wondering whether you should use OEM parts or aftermarket parts. Is there really a difference? Which offers the best ROI?

To make an informed decision, you must be familiar with the definition of each of these types of parts, as well as with the pros and cons of each. Use the following FAQ to educate yourself about replacement parts so you can choose the ones the best suit your needs.

What are aftermarket parts?

Any parts that do not come from the appliance’s original manufacturer are considered aftermarket parts. The parts are designed to perform the same function, but they are produced by a different company.

What are OEM parts?

OEM parts are original equipment manufacturer parts. These are made by your appliance’s manufacturer. When you buy OEM parts, you get an exact replica of the part the manufacturer originally installed in your appliance.

What are the advantages of aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts offer three main advantages over OEM parts. First, they are typically more economical than OEM parts. You’ll probably spend less by going through another company to get aftermarket parts than you would with the manufacturer to purchase OEM parts. Second, aftermarket parts may offer better designs than the original parts because they may have been improved upon since the original release of the appliance. Lastly, you will usually enjoy greater selection with aftermarket parts, since they are often more readily available and in a wider variety.

Are there any disadvantages to aftermarket parts?

When shopping for aftermarket parts, you should keep two things in mind. Number one: Not all aftermarket parts are top quality. Number two: These parts might not include a warranty, and installing them could void any warranties in place from the manufacturer.

What are the advantages of OEM parts?

When you choose OEM parts, you enjoy the advantage of simplicity. You don’t have to weigh options or decide which part might be best. You simply replace the original part with a new one of the same design and quality. Additionally, these parts usually include a warranty.

Are there any disadvantages to OEM parts?

While the choice is simplified with OEM parts, this can also be a disadvantage. If you’d like to upgrade the part for better future performance, you aren’t able to, since you are getting the same part again. The other main disadvantage is the purchase itself—OEM parts are typically more expensive than aftermarket parts. Plus, they often must be ordered, so your appliance repairs in Addison, TX may be delayed as you wait for the part to arrive.

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