The Most Common Cooktop Repairs and What to Look For: Info About Appliance Repair in Addison, TX

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It can be quite annoying to have to deal with a stovetop that isn’t working properly. Fortunately, many of the most common stove top issues can be fixed with relative ease, whether it’s by yourself or by a professional skilled in appliance repair in Addison, TX.

Here are a few common examples of necessary cooktop repairs and what you should look for to determine if you’ll need them.

Gas stove not lighting

One of the most common problems owners of gas stoves have is that their flame won’t light. In normal circumstances when the stove is functioning properly, you should hear a repeated clicking noise when the power is on and the dial is set to “light.” If there is no flame while the stove is on, you should be able to smell gas.

If you don’t hear a clicking noise, the problem is likely that you have a malfunctioning ignition switch. However, if you hear a click but do not smell gas, it’s more likely to be an issue with your gas flow.

Otherwise, if you hear a clicking noise and smell gas but the stove isn’t lighting, the problem could be that the pilot light is out. This is an issue you can typically resolve by yourself.

You can also turn off the lights in your kitchen, engage the igniter and look for white sparks that have a tinge of blue to them. If the sparks are more of a reddish color, this means the component has gone bad and will need to be replaced, which is a job you’ll need professional assistance for.

Electric stove not getting hot

First, determine if the problem is with a single burner or with all the burners on your stove top.

If the problem is with only one burner, check that burner’s heating coil and its connection. Turn off the stove and make sure the coil is cool before touching it. Remove the coil from the connector and check for any cracking, blistering or other signs of damage. If the coil appears to be undamaged, you might try swapping it out with another coil of the same size on your stove top and test both burners, which will help you determine if the issue is with the coil or the connection.

If you’re having a problem with all of your burners, this is more likely to be a larger-scale electrical issue, especially if your digital clock or timer isn’t displaying, or if the oven light isn’t going on. There could be a blown fuse, or a defective outlet.

Electric stove heat not adjusting

In some cases, an electric stove top can have problems with heat regulation. It will either be completely on to one setting, or off entirely, regardless of what you set the stovetop temperature to be. This means you have a problem with the infinite switch connected to the dial, and it will need to be replaced by a qualified professional. For more information about appliance repair in Addison, TX, contact us today.

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