Avoid Oven Repair in Addison, TX with These Cleaning Tips

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You wipe down your counters after every meal prep. You clean out the fridge (occasionally). The dishwasher interior essentially cleans itself. What about the oven? When and how do you clean this appliance? Is the self-cleaning feature enough? To keep your oven well maintained and avoid oven repair in Addison, TX, it’s essential to clean it properly.

Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware of the best methods for cleaning an oven. This task is often done incorrectly or simply doesn’t get done at all. This often results in the need for extra appliance repair in Addison, TX. To keep your oven in top shape, use the following cleaning tips:

  • Don’t delay: How often should you clean your oven? As often as you spill food. Try to wipe up messes right away. Spots can burn onto the surface the next time you use your stove, so don’t let them sit. The glass door can also stain after heating, so wipe spills off of this surface as soon as possible, too. Of course, wait for surfaces to cool enough for safe cleaning.
  • Be gentle: To clean your oven, use manufacturer recommended cleaners. Surfaces are made of a variety of materials, and some can’t handle harsh cleaners. Typically, a soft cloth with warm water will clean up most messes. When using cleaners, apply them to the cloth rather than directly onto the oven. To keep your oven well maintained and prevent the need for appliance repair in Addison, TX, perform a complete cleaning one to four times a year (depending on use).
  • Use self-clean with care: Most ovens have a self-cleaning option. If you use this feature, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to do so. If you no longer have a printed manual for the appliance, search online for the information. When using the self-clean feature, remain in the home. This method of cleaning heats the oven to extremely high temperatures in order to burn away food particles in the appliance. For safety reasons, don’t leave the oven unattended during this cleaning cycle. Additionally, remove racks from inside the oven and soak them while the self-cleaning feature runs, as the high heat can warp these pieces.
  • Check the knobs: Cleaning the oven’s knobs can be tricky. Some are designed for removal, while others are not. Many modern stoves offer high-tech controls that should not be soaked or removed for cleaning. Keep in mind that you are cleaning an electrical appliance, so use caution with water and liquid cleaners. First determine if your knobs should be removed, then use a gentle cleanser and soft cloth to clear away grease and food.

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