What Is the Best Cooktop for Your Kitchen?

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The kitchen is where the vast majority of home cooking happens—simply place a pot or pan on a stovetop burner, wait for it to heat up and add raw ingredients. But did you know that burners are also on cooktops? Most of us are familiar with single unit ranges that come with several burners on the top and a wall oven below. A range, also called a stovetop or cooktop/oven combo, is a type of appliance that slides into your kitchen cabinetry to create a built-in look.

A cooktop, meanwhile, is a type of cooking unit with burners or hot plates fixed on the top of or built directly into a surface. Keep in mind that most companies offering services for appliance repair in Addison, TX can handle cooktop problems. Because a cooktop does not include an oven and exists on its own, it’s considered a drop-in appliance that installs directly into a countertop.

As with ranges, cooktops can run on gas or electricity. Choose electric and you’ll have several different types of cooktops to consider. A gas cooktop requires a gas line hookup in your kitchen—if you don’t have a gas hookup, you’ll need to install one.

Gas cooktops

Chefs and avid home cooks prefer gas cooktops. Gas offers more even heating and it’s easier to gauge between heating levels while food is cooking. A benefit of gas is that you don’t have to wait for the burners to heat up, and gas cooktops also cool down quickly. For the most part, once the burner is on you can start cooking right away, and when you turn it off, it’s fast to cool down to the touch. Another huge plus is that gas cooktops have a leg up on electric models in the energy efficiency department.

The downside is that gas cooktops can be hard to clean, mostly because they have many parts that have to be taken apart and several elements that need cleaning. Deconstruct it incorrectly and you could end up needed costly appliance repair in Addison, TX.

Electric cooktops

One of the most affordable cooktop options is the coil electric. Turn it on and electricity comes through to heat up the metal spiral coils. The coils are durable and hard to damage, and you can use any type of cookware on it. But they are slow to heat up and have multiple difficult-to-clean parts, namely the coils and drip pan.

The most popular type of electric cooktop, however, is the smoothtop, as it is easy to use and clean. Another thing that makes smoothtops popular is that they sport a sleek look, making them an aesthetically pleasing option to install in most home kitchens. Additionally, when on a low heat setting, the smooth burners can keep dishes warm. Also keep in mind that they cost more than coil cooktops, can damage easily and some types of cookware will scratch the surface.

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