Common Examples of Microwave Repair in Addison, TX

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You might get the most cooking use out of your oven and stovetop, but there’s no doubt that every kitchen is made complete by a microwave. The added convenience that comes with the ability to quickly prepare or reheat meals allows you to save a lot of time when you’re in a rush. When the microwave is having operational issues, you’ll quickly notice just how often you use it.

A microwave could face any number of mechanical problems during its lifetime. Here are a few of the most common examples of issues requiring microwave repair in Addison, TX:

  • Microwave not running: Obviously, the microwave needs to run for it to be able to heat your food. If you are using a standard countertop microwave, you should check to see if the microwave is plugged in—you’d be surprised at how often this is the issue causing the microwave to “not work.” If it is plugged in, you could test using the microwave in another outlet to see if it is the outlet itself that is the issue. In some cases, malfunctioning door switches can also cause the microwave to not run, because it is not signaling to the appliance that the microwave is closed, meaning the unit will not start up. Finally, a broken fuse could prevent the microwave from running.
  • Microwave not heating: If you finish a cycle in the microwave to find the food was not actually heated, there are several issues that could be causing the problem. Typically the issue is an unresponsive touchpad, which can be caused by an error in the control board or a bad membrane switch. The switch tells the control board to power up specific functions in the unit, so if it is worn out or bad, it will not register inputs on the touchpad. Bad control boards will not give power to the functions you have selected.
  • Microwave tray not turning: First, check and make sure the tray is positioned correctly inside the microwave. Sometimes it simply comes out of alignment, so resetting it can resolve the issue. Otherwise, sometimes the problem is caused by a malfunctioning drive motor, which powers the rotating motion that spins the tray in the microwave. The roller guide could also be cracked or broken, meaning your tray will have a hard time staying on the track.
  • Unusual noises: Microwaves should make a humming noise while being used, but excessive noises could indicate other problems inside your microwave. Issues that could cause these strange noises might include faulty drive motors, magnetrons, cooling fans, roller guides or diodes.
  • Faulty exhaust fan: If you have an over-the-range microwave installed above your stovetop, there should be an exhaust fan below the unit, which essentially combines the functionality of a microwave and range hood. If the exhaust fan does not work, you could have a clogged filter or an issue with the fan motor itself.

For more information about how to resolve these common microwave problems, contact Appliance Champion Dallas to schedule microwave repair in Addison, TX.

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