Why Does My Washing Machine Smell So Bad?

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Does your washing machine smell unpleasant? Even worse, are your towels and clothing items coming out with an odor that is not that “clean linen” smell you hoped for? If you answered “yes,” don’t worry—you are not alone. Smelly washing machines are actually a pretty common occurrence. At Appliance Champion Dallas, we offer professional washing machine repair in Addison, TX, so we get calls about smelly washing machines a lot. Below are a few common problems that we’ve identified that might help you in figuring out why your washing machine smells so bad:

  • Too much detergent: Probably the number one cause of a musty or mildew-smelling washing machine is overusing detergent. We tend to think that, the more detergent we use, the cleaner our clothes will be, which is actually not the case. Unless your clothing is heavily soiled, you’re typically only washing away sweat and body oils from your clothing, which only requires about a tablespoon of detergent. Anything more than that one tablespoon can turn into excess suds, which can build up in your washing machine over time and lead to that musty smell.
  • Washing with cold water: People often choose to wash with cold water to save on energy and to avoid damaging their clothing. However, cold water cycles do very little to help clean and maintain your washing machine. Hot water actually helps to rinse out your machine and kill certain bacteria and molds that can cause nasty smells. If you typically only use cold water for your washing cycles, try running at least one hot water cycle at the end of all your other washing for the day.
  • Clogged drain pump: Drain pumps can become clogged with lint, hair and other debris. A clogged drain restricts the flow of water, which can allow mold to grow, causing that musty smell. Most washing machines have a drain filter that is easily accessible that you can check and clean yourself.
  • Infrequent use: If your washing machine goes unused for long periods of time, mold and mildew can build up inside the machine, causing that stench you hate so much. To help prevent this, leave the machine open and turn off the water to the machine. You can also run a cycle to wash the machine before you start using it again.
  • Too much fabric softener: Liquid fabric softener tends to collect on the inside of the plastic outer tub, and the residue it leaves behind is a food source for smelly molds and bacteria. A smart solution is actually to stop using liquid fabric softener altogether. You can use dryer sheets or, for a healthier, more environmentally friendly option, you can use dryer balls.

If none of the tips above help resolve your smelly washing machine problems, then it’s time to call in the professionals. At Appliance Champion Dallas, we offer expert washing machine repair in Addison, TX. To schedule an appointment to have your washing machine repaired, give us a call today!

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