Five Tips for Keeping Your Refrigerator in a Garage: Info from a Refrigerator Repair Service in Addison, TX

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It’s easy to run out of space in your kitchen refrigerator, especially if you have a big family! Most people like to keep extra drinks and snacks on hand, but simply do not have the space in their main refrigerator to do so. A common solution is to put a refrigerator in the garage, especially if your home has an attached garage.

Garage refrigerators are extremely handy to give you extra space and convenience. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of that garage fridge:

  • Make sure you have an ideal placement: You should ensure the surface in your garage is flat, cool and dry. By placing your refrigerator in a cool place, you’ll be able to save energy. However, you should also check the specifications of the refrigerator to make sure it is able to operate in an unheated area. Try to keep the fridge away from windows, but make sure the unit gets sufficient circulation so the unit doesn’t have to overwork to keep your food and drinks cold.
  • Consider how the machine will operate in extreme temperatures: It’s common in the winter months for garage freezers to have problems making ice, or getting cold enough. This happens because during winter, the garage’s temperature can get low enough that it begins to affect the unit’s compressor. When you have problems with the compressor, the freezer will start to get warm. In this case, you’ll need a provider of refrigerator repair in Addison, TX to help you fix the compressor and prevent the unit from being affected by extreme fluctuations in temperature.
  • Make sure machine operates properly: Garage fridges are commonly old fridges that were replaced in the kitchen, or purchases from Craigslist or other online marketplaces. Therefore, there could be some question as to whether or not they are functioning at optimal levels. There are different parts of your equipment that must operate well for the appliance to be in the optimal working condition, including the thermostat and compressor. It can help to get the machine tuned up before you start using it in your garage.
  • Consider what you can do to save energy: Even if you aren’t using an Energy Star rated appliance in your garage, there are still ways you can save energy. For example, if you aren’t using the garage fridge to freeze meats or other foods, and are simply using it as a beverage fridge, it probably doesn’t need to get quite as cold, meaning you can turn down the settings and use less power. Make sure it seals tightly to prevent air from escaping.
  • Consider how the design of the fridge will affect its operation: The way your fridge is designed will affect how it functions in an unheated area, like a garage. A chest freezer design that opens at the top will have a tighter seal, but take up more surface area. Upright refrigerators help for better food organization, but do not have as tight of a seal.

For more tips about getting the most out of your garage fridge, contact our refrigerator repair service in Addison, TX.

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