Appliance Trends We Love for 2018

January 8, 2018 Published by Leave your thoughts

Hello 2018! We’re excited you’re here! A new year means new discoveries to be made and, for our team at Appliance Champion Dallas, that includes new appliances. As your local source for appliance repair in Addison, TX, we’re already excited about what we see in the world of appliances for 2018? From tech-enabled new kitchen gadgets to new colors and designs, here are the top appliance trends we love for 2018:

  • Industrial kitchens: Cooking is becoming less of a chore and more of a hobby and a lifestyle choice for a lot of families. For families who love to cook, traditional appliances may not sufficiently meet their needs, which is why our first favorite trend is industrial style kitchens. These kitchens are not only stylish, but they are designed to be professionally functional and handle even the biggest cooking jobs.
  • Fridge designs that optimize organization: Refrigerator models for 2018 are featuring so much more than the standard shelves and drawers. These models come complete with specialized fridge storage zones that not only optimize your food storage and organization, but that also help keep your food safe and fresher for longer. With everything from a special freezer pocket for boxed pizzas to a drawer that is temperature controlled to allow the safe thawing of meat, we wonder how we ever got along without these features.
  • Synced appliances: Bluetooth is changing the way we shop, the way we communicate and now the way we cook. Certain smart kitchen appliances can now be synced to communicate to each other. For example, when your cooktop is in use, it can automatically communicate with your microwave to turn on the cooktop light and vents. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Steamer ovens: In 2018 you can welcome steam cooking into your home in a whole new way with a steam oven. Steam ovens not only make healthier dinners faster, but they are programmable and take a lot of the guesswork out of cooking.
  • White appliances are back: It looks likes stainless steel may not be the number one choice for appliances in 2018. In fact, white appliances are making a comeback. But before you judge, you should know that this is not the white refrigerator you remember from the ‘90s. White appliances in 2018 are sleek, modern and completely re-imagined!
  • French door ovens: You heard that right! Unlike your traditional oven door that opens from top to bottom, these new ovens have two doors that open to the sides. Not only are these new doors stylish, but they also allow you more flexibility in kitchen design in tight spaces because you do not need to plan the extra space needed to open a traditional oven door.

We’re pretty excited about new appliance trends making the scene in 2018, but we also know that no appliance is perfect. If you need help or appliance repair in Addison, TX for your new appliances (or your old ones) in 2018, don’t forget to call Appliance Champion Dallas. We’re always here to help!

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