How to Choose the Right Company for Appliance Repair in Addison, TX

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Your fridge is on the fritz. The washer stopped washing. Your oven left your dinner cold as ice. What do you do in any of these situations? Unless you’re a super DIY-er, you need to contact a professional for appliance repair in Addison, TX.

When you reach for the phone, whom should you contact? You want a company you can trust to get the job done right the first time. How can you know whom to trust? As you research your options, ask each company the following questions.

What brands do you service?

Not every company that offers appliance repair in Addison, TX services every brand of appliance. Start by asking if they work on your brand. If they don’t, you can move on to the next company without wasting time with other inquiries.

How much experience do you have?

Find out how long the company has been in business. Ask how much industry experience their technicians have. It’s also important to ensure they have experience with the particular project you have in mind.

Do you offer free estimates?

Find out ahead of time how much the repair will cost. Will they do an assessment for free? Can they give you a ballpark figure over the phone? Do they have a standard house call or hourly rate? Obtaining two or three quotes will give you a good comparison to verify if a company is charging reasonable rates.

Do you take credit cards?

Even if you don’t plan to charge your repairs, this is a good question to ask. The ability to accept credit cards helps establish the business as a trustworthy source. They must have undergone some vetting with the credit card company to allow them to accept this form of payment. A small business without a track record of success may not have this ability.

Can you provide references or reviews?

A solid company can offer references from previous satisfied customers. Additionally, look online for reviews for the company on local business sites or industry sites. These will clue you in as to the company’s track record of success or failures.

Do you guarantee your work?

A good company stands behind its work. Ask if they offer any guarantees and what the process is if you need to apply this guarantee. You don’t want to pay for appliance repair in Addison, TX that results in additional costs two weeks later due to technician error.

Are you insured?

A legitimate company should be licensed, bonded and insured to provide services. If they are not, you may leave yourself open to lawsuits and sub-par standards. If you want to verify a company’s claims of coverage, you can ask to see their certificate or licensing number to confirm.

One More Question

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