Cooking for a Crowd This Holiday Season? Avoid Disaster and Appliance Repair in Addison, TX

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Your holiday checklist is long and time-consuming. Some tasks are more enjoyable than others. What’s one task you definitely don’t want on your list? If you’re cooking for a crowd, you want to avoid holiday appliance repair in Addison, TX. Accidents happen to everyone, but you can take steps to avoid disaster this season and enjoy a smoother holiday. Here’s how.

Get to know your kitchen

Do you normally do a lot of cooking? How often do you use your oven, especially those lesser-known confection or broiling features? When was the last time you turned on all the burners? Do you know how full you can fill your dishwasher and still get clean dishes?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s a good idea to find out before you’re three hours away from serving a 10-person holiday meal. Take some time to test-run your appliance skills. Pull out your oven manual if you have to in order to ensure you know how to use all the features you will need to prepare your scrumptious feast.

Test your appliances

In addition to testing your own kitchen skills, verify all your appliances are working properly. You don’t want to be surprised by a broken stovetop or oven range on Thanksgiving morning. Check to ensure your refrigerator and freezer temperatures are appropriate for storing the amount of food you plan to have on hand. (Don’t forget to thaw the turkey in advance!) Plan your spacing. Will all the dishes you hope to prepare at the same time fit inside your oven? Overcrowding can lead to disastrous spills and potential appliance repair in Addison, TX. Is everything you need for your holiday meal in good working order?

Call for repairs ASAP

If you discover any issues with your appliances, contact your trusted repair professionals to schedule appliance repair in Addison, TX as soon as possible. If you wait until the last minute to get your appliance repaired, it might be too late. Even the swiftest appliance repair professionals aren’t quick enough for hungry in-laws. Don’t risk burned pies, cold turkey or ruined green bean casserole. Check on things now and avoid a holiday headache. This proactive approach will ensure your appliances are all in top shape before their big performance day.

Practice basic kitchen safety

Kitchen mishaps can not only result in the need for appliance repair in Addison, TX, they can be dangerous to your health. If you’re the chef this holiday, be sure to use proper safety precautions while you prep the meal. First, dress appropriately. Wear shoes. Tie back your hair. Secure lose clothing and accessories. Second, clean up spills promptly. Slick surfaces easily lead to falls. Finally, practice heat safety. Be cautious with steam, always use hot pads and never reach over a hot burner to another pan.

If you want to ensure your appliances are properly prepped for your holiday cooking, contact the experts at Appliance Champion Dallas. We’ll provide fast, efficient repairs to create the ideal environment for your culinary skills. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out to our appliance pros today!

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