How Your Self-Cleaning Oven Can Trigger the Need for Oven Repair in Addison, TX

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An appliance salesman may tout the benefits of a self-cleaning oven, but this feature can cause major problems. Even when used as directed, it can create the need for oven repair in Addison, TX. If you’re scheduling your kitchen chores and oven cleaning is next on your list, consider these hazards of using the self-cleaning feature.

  • Dangerous temperatures: The self-cleaning feature on your oven requires the oven temperature to skyrocket. The point is to make it so hot that everything burns off the interior. The problem with this method is that the temperatures run so hot that your oven’s internal controls can get damaged. Fuses may pop and control panels may burn out. The cycle may create a clear surface, but you may find that you need oven repair in Addison, TX when it’s complete.
  • Hazardous emissions: The self-cleaning cycle can produce carbon monoxide as it cleans your oven. This hard-to-detect gas is deadly to humans and pets. The charred food at the bottom of your oven is the source of this carbon monoxide generation. These left-over particles heat up and burn, creating the gas. If you decide to go ahead and use the self-cleaning feature, use a scrubber to remove this food before you start the cycle. It also helps to clean up spills during cooking right away. When you use the self-cleaning option, ensure the kitchen is well ventilated. Before you begin, verify your carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.
  • Teflon disaster: The inside of your oven has a Teflon coating. This withstands normal cooking temperatures without a problem. However, the self-cleaning cycle takes the interior of your oven far beyond these standard temperatures. Teflon fumes released during the cleaning cycle can pose serious health risks to those in the home. Coughing, chills, sweating, breathing problems and other flu-like symptoms are possible. Anyone with upper respiratory disease or asthma should definitely leave the kitchen during a self-cleaning cycle—if not the home.

To avoid oven repair in Addison, TX, consider skipping the self-cleaning feature and cleaning your oven with a little elbow grease and soap. To hand-wash everything, simply remove the shelves and put them in the sink for cleaning. Wipe down the inside of the oven, scrubbing away any food particles. It’s best to use water and soap only, avoiding any other cleaning chemicals, as you clean your oven.

Keep in mind that cleaning your oven more frequently will make each job easier. This allows less time for the food to bake onto the sides. You can also place aluminum foil at the bottom of your oven to catch anything that drips while you’re cooking.

If you’ve already used your oven’s self-cleaning feature and it has caused damage to your oven, all hope is not lost. Contact the experts at Appliance Champion Dallas to quickly and efficiently provide oven repair in Addison, TX. Reach us today to schedule an appointment or to answer any other questions you have about proper oven care and maintenance.

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